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Unexpectedly, Honey walked into our lives after being abandoned by her former owner. She had urinary tract infection at that time. A dose of antibiotics did the job. She was a livewire in the house, chasing the cat and other dog around the house. Then in 2014, she developed memory gland cancer. She was already 15 yrs old and a number of vets told me to let her go. I was not prepared for that so I took her to see Dr Jesslyn See of Jireh Vet. She saw Honey through two major ops successfully though the final bill came to almost three thousand dollars. I was warned that Honey may develop kidney failure as a result of the strong medication she had to take to cure her cancer. Her life was extended by another 1.5 yrs when she unexpectedly succumbed to kidney failure. There was no warning sign. She was behaving normally up to the last week of her life. Just as she came Unexpectedly into our lives, she left as Unexpectedly, only to leave an empty void in our house and lives.

Pet Name: HONEY
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