Trinity’s Journey

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Trinity's Journey
Trinity’s story starts off well and ends well, just a lot of sorrow in the middle. Trinity is now a 9 years old Black Russiam Terrier, a fairly rare breed. She was purchased as a show dog, completed her Championship and then bred to produce. Once breeding was no longer profitable from her, she was kennelled in the back of a shed with others just like her and for the most part forgotten about. Nineteen dogs were judge ordered to be removed. Rescued by many groups, they all began rehabilitation and desperate medical care. Trinity was severely malnourished, matted to the skin, suffering from a 7mm mammary malignant tumour, and chronic ear infection so severe her ears were permanently damaged, recovering from the surgeries, Trinity and I met for our first time, it was like two halves coming together! After Enduring a 20 hour drive, Trinity had found her forever home! I would drive to the ends of the Earth for this girl all over again! Best Friends Forever! I Love this girl!

Pet Name: Trinity
Posted By Cheryl Vanthuyne

9 Comments on “Trinity’s Journey

  1. It is as obvious as the fur on Trinity’s body she loves you very much Cheryl. That can only happen by her learning from you how much she is loved. Whoever mistreated her missed the opportunity to have a wonderful canine companion.

  2. I still cant believe you travelled that far to rescue her! She is beautiful and is so happy now! It was a rough start I know but I’m so happy you have made your peace together!

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