To see your face at the end of my day

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To see your face at the end of my day
Life hasn’t been easy these past two years. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, my partner’s Mom also had cancer and his dad had stroke. My emotions and energy had been revolved mostly on making money and making time for loved ones. I levelled up these past two years, as a photographer my work is both mental and physical. But it’s all worthwhile when I get to go home no matter how tired I am at the end of my day, to see two happy faces who seemingly think the universe of me. No matter how discouraged I feel I am immediately revived. They are my battery chargers and it’s only right to provide the best of what I can offer. Often peers don’t understand why I work so hard, they are part of my reason. Every night I come home to two happy and healthy Shih tzus who have the luxury of choice of which Addiction Flavours they want to have for dinner (current fave is NZ Brushtail). This is my way of showing my love for my two little bright lights shining in my daily drudgery. #AddictionSG

Pet Name: Johnny and Lala
Posted By Nicole Lee

1 Comment on “To see your face at the end of my day

  1. I am voting for Nicole because her story touched my heart&I know what she must be going through with my own experience with terminal illness of cancer&Faldo dealing with the loss of my 2 1/2 yr.old Chinese shar pei “Chubbie” lost his life to two agressive forms of cancer-T9 luekemia and Rare form of NK-blood cancer which after setting my own medical expenses aside to have Chubbie treated by the best oncologists in NY@Cornell University he lost his battle to cancer on Aug.1st 2016 only 3-weeks into his diagnosis I emptied what was left in my savings which was $8,000 to save him&know both me&Chubbie’s father are facing homelessness.Cancer takes from all of us.I will pray for you&both mother’s and may god bless both their lives❤️

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