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Before I had Thor I had a corgi named winston. Winston was the light of my life but I lost him to heart failure at just 10weeks old. Devastated I thought I would never get over the trauma of losing my fur baby. Two days later my boyfriend surprised me with Thor at 12am. He drove all the way to Kansas to get him and we live in Dallas Texas. Crying I held my new baby and immediately named him Thor. I was so protective of him and immediatley took him to the vet for a check up. He passed with flying colors! I knew God has blessed me with an angel to heal my broken heart. Thor goes everywhere with me and is just cuter than anything you could imagine. Dogs aren’t just animals, they are apart of your family and forever apart of your heart. Thor and I have grown so strong in our relationship and I would do anything and everything for him. This is my story of how I got thor and how I would do anything for him. In reality it’s how we both go to the ends of the earth for the other.

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