The story of my boy Benny

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The story of my boy Benny
My dog Benny recently passed away, but I wanted to share his story because he had such a huge impact on not only my life, but so many people’s lives. Benny suffered from severe separation anxiety and could not be left alone. When alone he would have horrible panic attacks and try to escape. He’d break doors and windows trying to get out of the house. I tried everything possible to help his anxiety issues including working with a trainer, calming collars, stuffed kongs, thundershirt, pheremone diffusers, anti-anxiety medication, etc. Benny’s anxiety was so severe that nothing worked for him. Benny came to work with me every day and when I needed to go out I found babysitters for him or took him to doggie daycare. When he was with people he was the most amazing dog. I learned so much from my time with him that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Benny taught me what it meant to be loyal and loved. Benny’s last escape ended with him getting hit by a car. He will never be forgotten.

Pet Name: Benny
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