The Story of an Abandoned Cat

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The Story of an Abandoned Cat
Coco a norwegian forest was found abandoned at Jurong East. She was malnourished, dehydrated,very skinny and fur was badly matted.We took her in, gave her a nice bath and found that both her kidneys were enlarged and concluded that this was a case of an abandonment due to sickness. With the help of public contributions, we raised enough money to bring her to the vet for a full body check the next day. Doc est. her to be about 7yrs old and found that she has polycystic kidney disease and said she wouldnt last a month and proposed PTS(Put to sleep). We are very against PTS and hence requested for medications and took her back. Doc gave some anti biotics and drips for her to keep her hydrated. We also tried to rehoming her as we had other rescue cases on hand as well and our hand were really tight.However as she was old, sick and BLACK in colour nobody wants to adopt her.Guess what? It has been 2 years now and she’s still alive and kicking and is now a part of our big family!

Pet Name: Coco
Posted By Akashah

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