The Reservation Dog

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The Reservation Dog
While we didn’t go to the end of the earth for Cheiss, we did have to pull him from Hades. His saga started long before we got him, when he was a homeless dog wandering the desert. He came into our lives after he ran onto the freeway and was hit – by us.

Somehow, this resilient pup managed to survive the crash, and still had enough life left in him to disappear into the desert. But I stopped and called my wife, and together we found him half-drowned in a canal.

We rushed him to our veterinarian and learned that besides being severely underweight and anemic from tick infestation, he also had a crushed femur. Surgery would be about the same cost as a car we had planned to buy.

“What do you want to do?” The veterinarian asked.

“Fix him up,” we answered. “We’ll figure out a way to pay for it.”

Cheiss is now 15 years old, which for a senior 65-lb dog, is incredible. He gets laser therapy, chiropractic services, great nutrition and more love than any one dog can handle.

Pet Name: Cheiss
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