The Old Man, Cookie

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The Old Man, Cookie
Cookie was adopted on 26 January 2013 and so, we declared this day as his birthday – where he begins his brand new life with us. He was an ex-breeding Pomerania and spent more than 10 years cowering in a small cage. I cannot imagine that he had to poo, pee, sleep and eat at the same spot. Obviously, he was not given proper grooming and welfare in such a horrifying environment. When we visited our vet, it sadden us further when we found out that almost all his teeth were rotten, his ears were badly infected, his hind knees were dislocated and his eyes were almost blind. His nasty teeth caused his food intake to be contaminated with bad bacteria and, that resulted in constant diarrhea after each meal.

Despite being in such a severe condition, Cookie is a strong old man. He is very bubbly and always bouncing around especially nearer toward his mealtime. After the dental operation to remove all his rotten teeth, he is left with 2 teeth to hold his jaw. As he is unable to eat solid food

Pet Name: Cookie
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