The Cat that Created a Cause

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The Cat that Created a Cause
Callie was a feral cat; part of the swelling population of unwanted/abandoned animals in my community. Although not my cat, I worried about Callie and the future of the kittens she produced. So that summer, I live trapped her and her kittens. Calls to area veterinary clinics resulted in price quotes over $200 to have her spayed. With this information, an idea was born. There needed to be alternatives for people who simply couldn’t afford these prices. Since there were no low cost options in our community, I began making weekly trips to a cooperating veterinarian 120 miles away. That first year, over 300 animals were spayed/neutered – animals who would not be fixed because of cost. Since then, I recruited veterinarians and volunteers to operate a low-cost clinic right here in my community. Over 20,000 animals have been spayed/neutered. Callie and her kittens no longer live as unwanted, unloved cats and now have a safe and contented life.

Pet Name: Callie
Posted By Lori Magelky

33 Comments on “The Cat that Created a Cause

    1. Thanks Mike! Yes. It is well worth my effort. Every cat and dog that is spayed/neutered is a step in the right direction. And with less animals being born, this gives those cats and dogs waiting in shelters a chance to find a forever home!

  1. She is so fortunate to have found you. I am so glad that you provided your time and that your effort paid off with positive results. What a heart warming story for us animal lovers.

    1. Thanks Monica. I am happy to have found her too! If every person would just help one animal in need, just imagine what a better place the world would be!

    1. Thanks Marilyn! I have one of her kittens and she has beautiful eyes too! What’s amazing is that all 5 of her kittens that I trapped were female! Imagine all the kittens that they would have produced had we not have trapped them and spayed them. Cats have such a hard time and don’t get the recognition they deserve. I’m glad that Callie entered into my life and that the outcome positive in my community!

    1. Just by spaying one female cat, you save so many animals. On average, a female cat produces two to three litters a year. And just imagine if all her kittens went on to produce more kittens.

  2. Lori, you know this is a cause close to my heart! Too many animals are put down because the shelters get full! Thanks so much for all you do.

    1. Yes! Just think of what a better place the world would be if we could prevent the unnecessary birth of all these cats and dogs. And we can! We need to make spaying and neutering affordable in every community. When I first started the charity, there were 1200+ cats euthanized. How things have changed! Now, not a single adoptable animal is euthanized. We no longer have large numbers of animals being born each year!

  3. Callie is beautiful! What a wonderful cause to unfold with the need for less expensive or free vet. services for her and many other cats!

    1. I have Callie’s kitten. We named her Mitsy. She is a black and white tuxedo and now is 12 years old! Just imagine what kind of lives feral cats live. Thank goodness Mitsy was one of the lucky ones!

    1. Jodi, I know you have a heart as big as mine for animals. We both have our own personal animal shelter in our homes and we’ve seen the benefits of our hard work in our communities.

    1. Behind every animal is a person wanting help in doing what is right for the animal, for him or herself, and for the community. And if spaying and neutering is affordable, less animals will need to be euthanized. There are a lot of people who care, but just can’t afford the high cost of spaying and neutering!

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