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Stella has been a part of our family’s story since day one. My husband picked her out as a surprise for me, and she helped him to propose! We both fell in love with her instantly, and what was the start of our life as a family began with her. We have scheduled entire vacations around her, so that she could have fun! She has had HUGE birthday parties with all of her doggy friends. We love to take her on hikes, local ones and even some that are far away. I mean, who wouldn’t travel to the ends of the earth for a good hike? There isn’t a night that we sit down to dinner that Stella isn’t by our side. We do everything from letting her sleep in our bed, and have even slept on the floor with her after she had surgery and couldn’t get into bed with us. Stella is integral to our family. To us, Stella isn’t “just a dog”, she is a family member. We treat her with love and some would say we spoil her. But to us, there is no corner of the earth we wouldn’t travel to to make her happy!

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Posted By Jennifer Dooley

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