Special the paralysed kitten who walks!

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Special the paralysed kitten who walks!
Special was found as a kitten in abandoned in a box unable to move from neck down.CATSI help to raise funds for her to be brought to the vet.
The vet told us that she was paralysed from neck down and her neck was dislocated with minimal chance of recovery and suggested PTS.We brought her to another vet for a 2nd opinion and they are the only vet that can customised a neck brace for her for support and we also brought her for acupuncture which was recommended by public. We had to wake up every hour to change her to another side to avoid bed sores. We hand feed and gave her alot of TLC until our other cats were extremely jealous.After a few session and some home remedies and exercises,she now managed to walk and even run!They called her the miracle baby and we named her Special.

Pet Name: Special
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