Sienna and her pet girl

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Sienna and her pet girl
My parents let me pick Sienna out of a litter when I was in high school. When I went away to college, she stayed with my parents. After a couple years away, I noticed my family becoming more busy and Sienna becoming more neglected, she would lay on her bed throughout the day and wouldn’t get walked more often than she did, the worst occasion was when she was infested with fleas and had chewed her hind legs raw. So I convinced my parents that she and I would benefit from her moving in with me and now she is my spouse and child all in one. We spend hours everyday getting filthy and feeding each others delusions of catching squirrels. She tolerates a shower with me because she loves being toweled off before we climb into our bed that she manages to commander most nights, I know more about her nutritional needs than my own and sacrifice daily my own social endeavors to ensure she has the most stimulating and reasonably independent life a dog could hope for.

Pet Name: Sienna
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Posted By Taylor Cribbins

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