Shelter for Kopi Zai

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Shelter for Kopi Zai
“Help!Help!Please let me in……..”begged my buddy Kopi Zai outside the gate. Sorry buddy,forgot that you were outside. Like father like son, both Kopi Zai and his father Kopi have the genetic of fearing thunder and fireworks, such a cute family line. Why Kopi Zai name so particular? I name him as Kopi for remembrance of his father and Zai in Cantonese means son, when little muscular Kopi Zai enter the world,he was so cute but fierce. Everyone wanted to touch him but he reply with barking even when he was just few weeks but there’s one problem he fears of huge sounds. This mattesr made me laugh all the time, he just felt save if I’m around. To my buddy Kopi Zai, I will always be there for you.

Pet Name: Kopi Zai
Posted By Lai Mei Sian

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