Second chances won’t come easy

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Second chances won't come easy
Aron was a civil servant in the singapore police force. Together with me, we’re certified narcotics team working both night and day shifts to protect the borders of our nation. After aron turned 7 years old, the organisation had preparations to retire him, hoping to get a new home in his healthy stage or otherwise say goodbye. Unfortunately just like the rest of the world, everyone prefers a puppy rather than a old labrador. I received a call upon giving a home to my best friend. An opportunity to spend the rest of his years as a friend rather than a colleague. Knowing that my siblings and myself have asthma and have allergy to animal fur, my parents were kind to take Aron as part of the family. Today he is 12 years old and still running like any top police dog in the world. This is possible thanks to addiction food. I was advised to use addiction to maintain his health and joints and the results were phenomenon. I still get to see my aron running and jumping. Thank you #addiction

Pet Name: Aron
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