Say Hi From Taiwan

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Say Hi From Taiwan
There is a story about me and my pretty girl Millie from TAIPEI TAIWAN.
in 2012, i saw a lonely eyes on Pet rescue Facebook Fanpage.
I know she needs help but i was not sure if i can take care her by myself,
since I lived alone.
But I thought there’s never a day that I would be ready to have a dog unless I try
At that time she already 6 years old , we all know nobody want a adult big dog.
‘Lets go home’ that is what i told her when we see each other at first time.
After that, there is an angel in my life
When i feel sad she always stay by my side and give me a hug.
She smile like an angel that always made my day!!
When summer we go to beach or swimming in the pool.
When spring we go to see the flower in the mountain
We always do everything together.
Now she is 10, we still hug, walk , chill everyday!!
Thanks ADDITION pet food to give her the healthy body, hope there is another 10 years.
And thanks my dear girl Millie , you give my a better life!!

Pet Name: Millie ( the nickname in chinese is 姊姊)
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Posted By Nell Chen

2 Comments on “Say Hi From Taiwan

  1. all our dogs were adopted and I think they are grateful from the start. my family and I have been blessed with the dogs and cats in our lives. great story!

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