Saved Lefty from the brink of death by giving him a new liver

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Saved Lefty from the brink of death by giving him a new liver
In 2008, Lefty was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis at 6 years old. He was dying and as a last resort, our vet suggested stemcell transplant. It was a costly procedure and the success rate was low. We decided to go for it. It cost us more than $80,000 within that period, including all the growth hormones injections, expensive supplements and vet fees. I maxed out every credit card and took out a few loans which took me 2 years to pay off. The vet hospital became our 2nd home. I practically stayed at the hospital, sleeping in the dog ward while Lefty was there. A week after the stemcell transplant, his condition declined and the vet told us to bring him home and make him comfortable. Miraculously, after he came home, he got better! He grew a new liver! Lefty is 14 years old now and suffering from spinal spondylosis. He goes for accupuncture, chirpractic adjustments and rehabiliation therapy. I’ve drained my savings again but it’s worth it if I can make his golden years more comfortable.

Pet Name: Lefty
Posted By Joyce Kwang

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