Pampered pooches

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Pampered pooches
Well from the date each of them came to live with us at 6 weeks old (dogs) every week they get a bath, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, nails done, and anal glands for the two small babies. The tea cup has her hair done every day with a bow and the chawawa has her nail painted pink.

For their food- meals include chicken and rice, beef and potatoes and carrots. Liver potatoes and gravey. They also eat deer meat. For treats I dehydrate chicken bacon. The two small girls sleep in our bed and the Doberman sleeps on a deer leather sofa in our bedroom.

Kramer is never caged, we have purches in every room. Especially in our bedroom where he sleeps every night. He eats out of my mouth and enjoys an occasional sip of white wine.

Love our babies to the moon and back.

Pet Name: Zeenah (Doberman) Zoey (chawawa), Lilly (tea cup terrier) and Kramer the cocateal
Posted By Jacqueline hatt

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