Oreo has a lame leg but she is still perfect

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Oreo has a lame leg but she is still perfect
I’ve always wanted a pet cat, but my family was not too keen as we are not at home on most afternoons. So I could only feed and play with stray cats whenever I see one.
For a few months I have been having fun with a cat near my place, a beautiful and affectionate tuxedo cat whose kitten recently went missing. My parents met her before and fell in love with her. As fate would have it, my mom heard a cat cry while walking home one day, and it was Oreo! Her front left paw was twisted and she was limping. My mom’s heart broke, and the rest was history. Oreo is now the darling of our family! We coordinate our schedules so that Oreo can have her meals on time and she has also brought our family closer. I just want to spend all day lazing around with her! In my mom’s words “Whenever I see her, my heart melts!”

Pet Name: Oreo
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