Once in a lifetime love

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Once in a lifetime love
I am a firm believer that love at first sight only happens once in a lifetime, and for me that love is Gracie. She came into my life 13 years ago after traveling far and wide all the way to California from South Dakota. For me, it was a trying time. I had lost my dog, and two family members a few months prior at the tender age of 10, and after begging and pleading to take a kitten from a friend’s litter, I welcomed home a little fluff ball that I truly believe saved me. We have been inseparable since. Through moves, college, boyfriends, illness, and everything else that comes our way, she has been my only constant. We have evolved from the little girl getting in trouble for having kitten in her backpack at school, to a 20 something with a senior cat assisting her through vet tech classes. She’s not only my best furry friend, but also my motivation in life. I know that our time will eventually run out, but I will always carry her with me as my one true love at first sight.

Pet Name: Gracie
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Posted By Breanne Turner

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