Oliver & Us

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Oliver & Us
My husband & I decided we wanted an Aussie because of their loyalty, smarts, beauty and personality. Oli was born while we were on a trip to Europe where Oli’s human dad & I got engaged. We chose a puppy on the day of our litters birth.
A week before taking home our boy, we learned he had a heart murmur. Most puppies grow out of it, but our breeder wanted to ensure he had the life he needed. So, she graciously traded us the puppy she was keeping.
Oli truly makes our lives whole. He loves to hike, be active & simply just watch TV with us on a lazy night. Oli makes our house a home. We truly feel as if Oli coming to us was fate as we started our lives as a family. I couldn’t imagine living without him, and constantly wonder how we lasted as long as we did without him around. Oli is truly our heart dog and we consider him our son. He lights up our world in ways we never knew were possible. We will forever go to the ends of the earth to keep him healthy, happy and with us always.

Pet Name: Oliver
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  1. A beautiful dog with beautiful parents that the will make sure that he has everything he needs in life! He is one lucky puppy!

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