Old Dogs are the Best!

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Old Dogs are the Best!
Solomon came to me as a foster dog at about 12 years old. He was scared and in rough shape when he arrived. Solomon quickly made friends with the resident dogs and loved all people and animals. He went to work with me every day and loved greeting people and getting his favorite treats, Meaty Bites! We had lots of adventures together – swimming in the lake, volunteering at an equine rescue, and having pool parties with the other dogs in the yard. Over the years Solomon’s age started to catch up with him and he needed more supplements. He got regular holistic care, getting acupuncture and gentle chiropractic adjustments. Sol got to a point where he couldn’t be left at home or he would fall and not be able to get up – but never fell when I was there! He then truly became a constant companion. I was lucky to be able to bring him to work his last six months. As hard as it is to say goodbye, he touched a lot of people with his Facebook page and raised awareness about senior dogs in need!

Pet Name: Solomon
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Posted By Lisa Black

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  1. I met Solomen by chance on FB. He introduced me to senior dogs and the joy they bring. I looked forward to seeing his posts on FB, he was a daily dose of happiness. He loved the BRB and his Meaty Bites. He was a true ambassador for senior dogs and is missed by the many, many folks that followed him on FB.

  2. I sure missing the daily updates from Solomon … my dogs are thankful as well , due to Solomons favorite treat, my dogs getting Meaty Bites as well and love me even a bit more now

  3. Solomon was one of the best ambassadogs that could ever have been! He brought so much positive awareness to the amount of love and life a senior dog cN share with loving owners. You did an admirable job, loving him in his final years, His calendars were the best!

  4. I miss you, dear sweet Solomon. I feel so blessed to have met you and your wonderful Mama. I love seeing your story and the photos of you again. You always brought a smile to all of us! 😀

  5. Solly was the BEST, he was a great ambassador for senior dogs. I was fortunate enough to meet this wonderful boy at a fundraiser for an adoption group. He is missed ❤️❤️

  6. I remember Solomon with much love! Because if him I am now a foster for Old Dog Haven, and will always love him and his girl Lisa for that. I remember three things Solomon loved: his big red bed, his giant waterbucket, and his Meaty Bites!

  7. Solomon was the best foster brother to my sweet Hallie! He took great care of her until we found her and brought her home at 13. She stayed with us for 3 and a half years. We are so glad to have been able to meet Solomon and Lisa, who is a lifelong friend!

  8. Solomon looked so much like our own sweetChelsea! I loved hearing about Solomon’s wonderful life with his very devoted mom! He felt like a member of our own family as we followed his adventures! If only every dog had a mom like his!

  9. Oh Solomon! He was truly a champion for old dogs. His advocacy helped many dogs find forever homes for their senior years, and his incredible fundraising prowess attracted so many donors for the local rescue. As a pro fundraiser myself, I was always impressed by his skill in that area. Makes me wish I had a cute face like his to attract new donors to my causes. LOL. Solly was my BFF – Best Facebook Friend – and I was overjoyed to meet him in person at a local event. The day that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I sobbed big ugly tears. My boyfriend and our dog just all curled up on the bed together to appreciate all of the wonderful memories that Sol had given us through our virtual adventures with him. The Big Red Bucket; the Equine Rescue; fundraisers in the park; the annual calendars; posing on the porch; and eating great treats – so many pictures of Solly are embedded in my memory forever. Sol was the best!

  10. SOLLY! I love him to this day. Getting my hair cut was more about visiting him than my grooming. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing his wonderful energy and soul with all of us, and thank you Sol for being you and bringing attention to elder doggies in need. XOXO

  11. Solomon was an amazing ambassador for Senior Dogs in our region.
    His gentle spirit is no longer but he has had a big impact on a lot of people.

  12. I was so happy to have met him. He caught my eye online because he resembled my old dog and we visited the US twice from Canada to see him (and Lisa and the other dogs)! He had quite a few fans in Canada too!!

  13. Lisa has done so much for the seniors, especially Solomon. Voting for Solomon so Lisa can take a well-deserved trip to beautiful New Zealand.

  14. Lisa has done so much for the seniors, especially Solomon. Voting for Solomon so Lisa can take a well-deserved trip to beautiful New Zealand. Solly was a great senior ambassador and has friends across the country and the world! Solly was absolutely the best and I know I’m not alone when I say I miss him.

  15. Awww that sweet Solomon! So glad I knew him – what an ambassador for the old dogs and now we are doing the same as Lisa did. She is so awesome!

    1. Actually Solomon was super famous, at one of the walks I had him while Lisa was working the booth and everyone came up and asked is this Solomon? Everyone knew him from the many pics she posted. He was super loved and missed!!!

  16. Solly was an inspiration and educated people about the joys of senior dogs. Loved him and adore his family for all the great work they do.

  17. We (Mabel and I) knew Solomon via Old Dog Haven. His life was so full of love and adventures he was irresistible. Sweet to people and at least tolerant of (and later friendly with) other foster siblings. His life was wonderfully documented by Lisa including his fondness for Meaty Bites. No one deserves a vacation trip more than Lisa.

  18. Solomon was a wonderful, gentle old soul and an inspiration to young and old, everywhere!
    I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Solly when I visited Seattle a while back, and oh my goodness, what a lovely time that was!
    Solly had so many fabulous adventures and caring friends from all over the world who followed his every move on facebook and throughout the senior dog community. Solomon continues to be a marvellous ambassador for senior dogs and the love and warmth they have to offer.
    So many of us will never forget him.
    And he will live on in our hearts forever! 🙂

  19. I fell in love with Solomon on facebook. I was never fortunate enough to meet him in person, but I sure did love reading about him. I enjoyed all his antics and looked forward to seeing what he was up to every day. He loved his meaty bites! I cried and cried when Solomon moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. He lives on in my heart. There is no one more deserving than Mom for this trip. She gives her love, time, and home unselfishly to the dogs that need her the most. Our world is a better place with Mom in it.

  20. Solomon introduced me to the wonderful home and person he spent his last years with – I’d never thought abour rescuing or fostering a senior dog until I “met” Solly via Facebook. Lisa (the person) is a saint!

  21. Sure loved seeing sweet Solomon’s grin when the Meaty Bites treats came out! I never met him in person, but his Mom’s photos and posts on Facebook are wonderful, and show what a terrifically caring dog mom she is. Solly was a beautiful, wise old soul and, because she’d shared his vivid personality online, many of us also shared the heartache of his passing. Solly’s Mom, who lovingly cared for him, as well as many other sweet pups, definitely deserves a treat of her own, a trip to gorgeous New Zealand!

  22. Love and miss sweet Solly! Lisa is an amazing senior Mom who never says no to the seniors. This very special lady deserves this wonderful trip!

  23. Thank you for taking him in and giving him such love 🙂 He loved his treats and loved you and everyone he came into contact with. He was such an amazing dog! Go Solly, I hope you are getting your treats, “Meaty Bites” in heaven every day. Hugs to you both.

  24. Oh. Sol. What a wonderful soul. Loved treats and petting. Terrified of little tiny kittens. 🙂 I still feel
    his absence whenever I visit Lisa’s hair salon.

  25. I’ve met thousands of dogs over the years and Solomon was truly one of the most amazing dogs ever, a real gentleman. My own four legged kids Louis and Henry miss him, and his rescued sidekick Mitch. Sollie never looked back once he landed with Lisa, who treated him better than most people treat their children…and of course, the Meaty Bites were his favorite. I miss him tremendously too, he was a real gem.

  26. Sol’s love for Meaty Bites was well documented on FB! Just wondering who will watch the dogs while you are in New Zealand???

  27. Solomon changed my life by making me realize how much a dog can be loved by so many people.
    We will never forget him.

  28. Solomon was one of the best spokesdogs for Addiction Pet Foods’ Meaty Bites…
    We all loved him (and continue to love him) so much!
    And we love what Addiction did for him! 🙂

  29. I feel fortunate enough to have met him and I even got a kiss. He was wonderful and thank you for what you have done to help him and other senior dogs!

  30. Lisa’s photos and comments (always spot on for humor) about Solly were my favorite site of the day. I have an older black lab of my own and I watch as he looks more and more like Solly with his white muzzle and chin. Lisa REALLY would love the trip to New Zealand — I hope you choose her!

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