No One Puts Baby In a Corner.

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No One Puts Baby In a Corner.
We didn’t have to go the ends of the earth for Cass, we just had to make a 1000 mi drive.

We met, and immediately loved, this feisty cat while attending an adoption event. She raised such a ruckus to escape her kennel that I offered to let her hang out with us in our booth. She spent the next few hours gleefully grabbing the tails of unsuspecting dogs as they paraded by. We took her home that night and she rode in a dog car seat with a harness and seatbelt, sleeping the 500 miles through rainstorms.

Cass is (mostly) fearless. She walks on leash, takes over the dog beds, and parades through the house like a lion. The rescue suspected she was hit by a car (hence her fear of them) resulting in a slight crippling of her back legs, but she never lets it keep her down. She runs like a rabbit and rules over 3 big dogs. She only demands that she never be kenneled!

We didn’t have to go to the ends of the earth for Cassie, but we wouldn’t hesitate to do it if we ever needed to!

Pet Name: Cassie (Baby)
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