My soulmate, my angel, my August.

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My soulmate, my angel, my August.
August was adopted 4 years ago from a shelter. He was the one who sat by the fan, the gentle little bear among the rest and the one who drools a lot. That year was a pretty special year for me because I finally convinced my dad after volunteering at the shelter for a few years to let me keep a dog of my own.

On the day we’re suppose to bring him back, he had to go to the vet for routine check before coming home. However it didn’t bring good news, he was down with heartworm and his liver enzymes were beyond normal range. Frequent vet visits as much as once every 2 weeks for the entire year, all kinds of research for his diet, coaxing him to take his medication, it was a pretty rough period but I’m glad it was all over.

He just turned 10 this month and he has been and always will be my little soulmate. His patience towards kids, elderly, and even other dogs makes him an angel to live with. This is my boy, August.

Pet Name: August
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