My new life starts with my baby boy

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My new life starts with my baby boy
He was once a pet of my best friend until she got her condo and not able to take care of “him”.My second brother drove all the way to KL just to bring me up to fetch “him” back.On the way back to our new home,I stared at him for a few hours as I never had a dog before.I wonder if I really able to take care of him.I have been staring at him and I promise him from deep in my heart that I will try my best to give him a lot of love despite he has changed a new family,he still own our loves.
With him around,my life is always full of colours.I have a dream,I wish I could bring him to overseas one day.I believe with my hardwork now I can success in some other days.
To me,he is precious as he plays an important role in my life.He is my companion as well as my love.People always say that being single is lonely but with him beside me I never feel lonely.I feel I have more loves towards pets especially dogs…:)
Lastly but not less,cheers to Addiction dog foods as this is my choice for my love…

Pet Name: Pum pum
Posted By Evon Lau

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