My first dog, her Xth human

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My first dog, her Xth human
I met Mimi shortly after I started volunteering a few years ago. I was told then that she was just returned to the shelter by her previous owner and her skin condition shocked me as it was the worst I had seen then. She was shaved down and had red inflamed skin. I started walking her regularly. Under the shelter’s care, her skin improved in a few months and she got adopted soon after. Fast forward to early 2016, she was again returned to the shelter at the age of 12, underweight, with some skin issues (itchy paws, face and ears) and matted fur.

Coincidentally, I finally got my parents’ consent to adopt a dog in mid 2016 and we adopted her. For about 2 separate weeks, due to her arthritis acting up, we had to carry her out a few times daily to let her toilet (she’s grass-trained). Now, we are still trying to manage her skin issues by reading up and trying out different diets. Hopefully, she can be off the Elizabethan collar soon.


Pet Name: Mimi
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