My Best Friend, Roxanne.

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My Best Friend, Roxanne.
It all changed with one VERY big word
On the evening of January 18th, 2015 I learned that my best friend for over 11 years had an autoimmune disease and her body was essentially killing itself. I have never felt more hopeless in my life. But let’s back up a bit. My best friend, Roxanne, and I met when I was 15 years old. She was the hilariously clumsy 2lb Chihuahua puppy and I was the not-so-hilariously clumsy 6 foot tall girl with a mouth full of metal. Needless to say it was a match made in heaven. Fast forward to that evening. Sitting in the emergency vet awaiting the suggestion was awful. I felt sick. When the Dr came in and suggested chemo, I think my jaw hit the floor. How was that going to make her feel better? She didn’t even have cancer. After 2 rounds of chemo, a blood transfusion, 1 year of meds and 18 months of regular/weekly bloodwork I am happy to say that my now (nearly 13 year old) best friend is back to her outgoing and clumsy self.

Pet Name: Roxanne
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  1. Hi, Karen! Unfortunately immune mediated thrombocytopenia is idiopathic which means doctors have no idea why it happens. There’s nothing we could have done to prevent it from happening, but our vet is doing everything in his power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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