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I have a daring kitty – just like many others. Molly used to like to jump from a high bookcase to the third floor (we have a balcony-type floor that you can see from the living room on the second floor). We always thought it was cute but also cringed when she did it instead of taking the stairs.

One day we came home and couldn’t find Molly. We eventually found her hiding in the basement, injured and scared. We figured that she had fallen from her jump to the third floor. We nurtured her back to health by bottle-feeding her both food and water. She was so scared and hurt. The vet figured she had broken ribs and cat PTSD. It took 11 weeks of bottle feeding her before she eventually recovered. If we hadn’t fed her 3+ times a day, she would have starved to death.

We love our little Molly! She’s such a different cat now – sweet and appreciative and still completely adorable.

Pet Name: Molly
Posted By Melissa Stathers

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