Me & My love(White)

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Me & My love(White)
White is a stray dog, Whitw’s health is not good, super thin, not fat to eat, but can not check the cause. There are serious skin diseases, often bald, itching, redness etc. Tried a lot of methods, medication (medicine), herbs, are not much effect, although that is very helpless, but can only continue to use to see if improved.
In addition, the White is the leader of three stray dogs, whenever the tiger or coffee(tiger and coffee are another two stray dogs) forced to do bad things (chasing the car), it will go fierce them, very good, and very smart, eat before the first smell, Alert.
But in one night it was in the alert state was killed, and the week I happened to go out because of the school, even the last to see it side and the chance of burial it did not.
I am sad with know it dead. But, its death, ignited the determination I want to sound for the animals.

Pet Name: White
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Posted By Wan Yen Chiang

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