Lucy- Better Food, Better Life!

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Lucy- Better Food, Better Life!
My JR Terrier, LUCY, is 14. She is extremely active, loves hiking, long walks, agility hoop ring, serious play time and she is “the love of my life.” Since she was quite young, Lucy has had ongoing issues with pancreatitis and hepatic functionality. We go everywhere together. I gave away a free cruise to be w/her. Lucy has an amazingly good quality of life and most people do not even know she has any health issues because Lucy looks fantastic and is so very active. I (and our vet) did extensive research into the best quality, best prepared pet foods, made with only the finest, highest level of ingredients. I would do anything and everything possible for Lucy. Lucy has been eating Addiction Kangaroo (with apples) for a few years and is doing really well. I feed her the dry as well as the canned. She loves it! I hide her daily meds and supplements in the soft canned version. I would make any sacrifice for Lucy. In this photo, Lucy is hiking at Dry Falls in Nantahala National Forest in NC

Pet Name: LUCY
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