Love has no end….

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Love has no end....
In 2013, Adek was diagnose with heart disease after another vet wrongly diagnosed he has flu and dehydrated. When we went to another vet for 2nd opinion, the vet said Adek has heart disease and wont last for 2 weeks. I was devastated but told myself no matter what never to give up on Adek no matter what. Adek was in hospital for 15 days and it was stressful sad worrying and trying times for us. After he was discharged Adek didnt want to even eat on his own. Syringe feeding him took him at least 6 mths after to really eat on his own. I will every night with him telling him am not giving up on you so you please pull yourself together. One of the best moment was the day he ate on his own which was like a miracle and he also put on weight..Me and hubby sacrifices our time and also not going on holidays until today to care for Adek and my other kitties..End of the day I will still do it again and again for my babies.these are Adek latest pictures..

Pet Name: Adek
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