Lost & then found!

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Lost & then found!
In 2013, my then-husband became very physically and emotionally abusive. He was a scary, manipulative guy. He didn’t like Bunny so he gave her away without my consent. After months of agony and begging to get her back, along with his escalated abuse, I left him. Over the next year, I fought with my lawyer during the divorce to get Bunny back. My ex’s story changed from he “doesn’t know where she is” to “she’s dead”. I believed she was out there somewhere and kept up hope.

14 months after he took her, my ex-husband returned Bunny and we finalized the divorce. He had sold her to a stranger in Las Vegas! Bunny’s hair was 100% matted, her teeth were yellow (gums infected), and she had back leg pains which led to a surgery (it cost $5,000) 1 month later.

Bunny is doing well. I finished my master’s degree this year in counseling psychology and have been using her as a therapy dog with my child and teen clients. I’m hoping to help others with similar experiences.

Pet Name: Bunny
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