Jasper’s New Begining

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Jasper's New Begining
Six years ago my mother and I rescued Jasper from a bad situation. He was being abused by a man. When I got Jasper, he was terrified. When he met my dad, he backed into a corner and peed all over himself. He was very jumpy and he would always hide when anyone would approach him. He was scared of everything. It took a lot of TLC to make this boy the man he is today. Now, he thrives in his new life style. My dad still frightens him after six years, but he has come so far. He is the smartest dog I’ve ever had. And even the best. He is in amazing athlete, his jumps are beautiful! He lives to run and please my mom and I. I love him so much. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for this guy. He’s literally the love of my life. I wouldn’t trade him for anything better. Because there is nothing better than Jasper. I can’t believe this dog, who was so terrified of life, will now be my service dog for MY anxiety. It’s amazing what we learn from animals.

Pet Name: Jasper Shor
Posted By Peyton England

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