How can I stop loving you

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How can I stop loving you
Do you still remember how timid you were the first day you arrived? Hiding behind the sofa and staring at me were the only things you did. Luckily, few days later, you start eating like a pig and sleeping like a log. Oh yeah, you also pushed my cups down to the floor and pretended you were innocent. I guess you just realized that you were no guest in this house.

I know that every time you wag the tail welcoming me home, you are giving me silent orders to open more canned food. I don’t mind that every night you sleep in the center of my bed, but give me some room to at least turn over. With all the complaints being said, you know I won’t want you to change even one bit, as I always feel relieved and warm having you by my side, and nothing else matters.

Hey buddy, though I’ve never told anyone else, I really appreciate your original adopter for letting you become my family member. No matter how naughty you are or how bossy you can be, I will love you forever, my little bear.

Pet Name: little bear
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