Helping Duchess become the queen

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Helping Duchess become the queen
duchess was the last of her litter left at the shelter. she was terrified of noises, not just loud ones, even the hiss of a cat startles her. we came along, newly weds looking for a new doggie, and we fostered her, wanting to make her better.

we take turns, i wake up early in the morning to run her, sit with her at bus stops to help her overcome her fear of buses and big vehicles, and sneak up on other dogs to make new friends. my wife, jane, walks her in the evening to introduce her to the neighbourhood.

she jumps when a fast car passes by and tries to run away when kids stamp their feet; she even bark and jump over the pet gate once when we went out for lunch. after a week of squatting at every bus stop, pausing each time a bus passes by, staring at cars from the overhead bridge nearby, she is learning, slowly, to regain her composure when loud vehicles come by. she is also slowly warming up to our hugs and spends time napping beside us.

there is a long way to go, but we started

Pet Name: Duchess
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