Helping Milo stay healthy and fit as he ages

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Helpimg Milo stay healthy and fit as he ages
Milo is my baby! The family calls him “mommas boy” because he is always by my side. As he gets older I have noticed him slowing down. To keep him healthy and fit, I make sure I feed him a well balanced diet that includes salmon oil and exercise. He loves to go on hikes! Attached is a photo that my daughter took of Milo taking a swim break on their hike to Lake Serene. He is such a loyal pup and We are so lucky we found him at the shelter or shall I say he found us! The three hour trip to pick him up was well worth it. He for sure is one of the sweetest dogs in the world and we are so lucky to have him in our family! Couldn’t ask for a better dog. I am happy to spend the extra money for healthy food and treats and would happily go to the ends of the earth for this guy and I know he would do the same for all of us.

Pet Name: Milo
Posted By Lesa Barry

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