He walked into our home; and our hearts

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He walked into our home; and our hearts
I was out smoking one of my last cigarettes before I finally quit recently and in the courtyard I saw a kitty cat that I called out to. He immediately ran up to me meowing frantically but also rubbing his head against my leg and following me everywhere I walked. He tried to follow me inside but I wasn’t sure if he was feral or not. I gave him some turkey cold cuts and he gobbled it up, obviously starved, and we went our sepperate ways. Days later I felt responsible for him and when I found him again I led him home and he has been with us ever since.

Unfortunately, today he was diagnosed with feline HIV & we are having to decide whether or not to keep him since we have a female cat that doesn’t really like him & is in danger of being infected. We will either keep him or find him a friendly home because we don’t believe in “throwing” anyone away because they are sick. I think when a person or animal is sick they seek out help in kindred souls. We’re the lucky ones for him finding us!

Pet Name: Lucky Hobo
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Posted By George Doukas

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