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Well, here goes. When my german shepherd Gemma was 3 months old, all of our hearts broke. In the car during a four hour drive, her daddy got into a horrible accident. This caused him to flip his car 4 times on the interstate. In this accident, Gemma’s daddy broke his spine, bruised his lungs, and suffered a concussion. While recovering in the hospital, all he could think of is “where is Gemma?” Her daddy made a recovery, but Gemma was nowhere to be found. We were just sure that a three month old puppy could not survive such a deadly crash. We looked for days.. We posted flyers, used social media.. And nothing seemed to help. On the eighth day of her being missing, we got a life changing call. Gemma had been picked up by a driver on the interstate! She had been found three states south of where the accident occurred in North Carolina! Someone had found her and planned to keep her and drove her down there. She had a broken leg that required surgery, but we were so relieved to have her.

Pet Name: Gemma
Posted By Maranda Wimmer

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