From kampong to city

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From kampong to city
She has been my driving force from the moment I rescued her. I worked 2 part time to support us before I got a full time job. I give her the best I can afford and train her well to give back to society. I’m still pushing myself so that I can save up enough to go for my studies in NZ of course, she will be coming along with me. But she’s already 4 this year, I have to save up fast if not she will be too old to move to NZ with me and I’ll be heartbroken to have to leave her here. She’s my darling therapy ss foxy. Rescued from Pulau ubin, suspected abandoned case as she was very accustomed to humans. This overly friendly silly pooch of mine is calm yet easily excited, clever but some times blur, lovable but doesn’t know her size. Nonetheless, she is the best dog anyone can ever ask for. I’ll do anything for her

Pet Name: Foxy
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Posted By Eunice koh

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