From homeless to happiness

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From homeless to happiness
Ellie was picked up as a stray. No microchip and no owner stepped forward to claim her so she was sent to a high kill shelter. Luckily, a rescue group saved her and transported her for foster. I had been looking for a dog for some time and happened upon “Foxy’s” PetFinder. The rescue was holding a meet and greet that weekend for all of their pups. Fast forward through all the prereqs.. My partner and I showed up early and anxious to meet the goofy little Foxy dog we were interested in. Her foster was running late but as soon they came through the doors, our Ellie literally came flying into my arms. She chose us before we ever even saw her. Over the first few months, our pup that started out over excited matured into a fearful dog. She is leash reactive towards other dogs, strangers, and loud vehicles. Her training evolved into specific behavior modification utilizing positive reinforcement. I will forever dedicate myself to showing her the world isn’t such a scary place after all.

Pet Name: Grinning Ellister Bellster (Ellie)
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Posted By Heather Reed

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