Follow me to the ends of the earth

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Follow me to the ends of the earth
I always ask my dogs, “Will you follow me to the ends of the earth?” I promise them a lifetime of love, joy & adventures together.

Telly was found in a dog shelter in Colorado, trained by inmates in prison, before joining me at the University to become a therapy dog. When I moved from US to Singapore, I brought Telly with me across the ocean as I cannot imagine life without her. Everyday, I bring Telly to the office and she brings joy to the kids we work with. We also have lots of fun together, from hiking up mountains to swimming in the sea. I remember fondly hiking with Telly one winter in Colorado. She would run ahead, before looping back to herd me. Sometimes, she would hide in the snow and jump up when I walked by as if to yell, “Surprise”.

Puppy Hope recently joined our family after I met her in Australia. She is a bundle of joy and has just started joining us on adventures.

They are my faithful companions. We’ll go to the ends of the earth with & for each other. #AddictionSg

Pet Name: Telly & Hope
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Posted By Maureen Huang

3 Comments on “Follow me to the ends of the earth

  1. So sweet Mau Mau!!! I didn’t know Telly was from the shelter! 😉 please bring them to cell!!! Hope Hope is feeling better !

  2. Maureen, Telly and Hope are more than a pet-owner relationship… They are colleagues, partners, confidants, best friends and family. To others who have the pleasure to work with them daily, they are a life changing trio who touches the hearts of those they meet. Each day in itself, is already a testament of them going to the ends of the earth together.. ❤️

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