How can I stop loving you

Do you still remember how timid you were the first day you arrived? Hiding behind the sofa and staring at ...
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A Christmas Nightmare

We booked a X-mas trip to Breckenridge with our families including our baby Gus. He was great on the plane, ...
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best life ever

fatty has the best life because thats how i roll. my dog means everything to me and i would do ...
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Leonardo Battles Like a Ninja to Live and Thrive

My Leonardo was named for a ninja turtle 4.5 years ago. While not my idea, I am so grateful because ...
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Loving life

I work at a shelter and we get a lot of abused neglected and fearful dogs. I love to foster ...
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My Constant Companion

Sodo and I were introduced to each other during a time of transition, right when we needed each other most ...
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My Best Friend, Roxanne.

It all changed with one VERY big word IMMUNE MEDIATED THROMBOCYTOPENIA. On the evening of January 18th, 2015 I learned ...
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Say Hi From Taiwan

There is a story about me and my pretty girl Millie from TAIPEI TAIWAN. in 2012, i saw a lonely ...
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Commitment and Sacrifice…the dog lovers creed.

What am I willing to give up for my dog? In 2010 I had to find out the hard way ...
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Lost & then found!

In 2013, my then-husband became very physically and emotionally abusive. He was a scary, manipulative guy. He didn't like Bunny ...
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Shelter for Kopi Zai

"Help!Help!Please let me in........"begged my buddy Kopi Zai outside the gate. Sorry buddy,forgot that you were outside. Like father like ...
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I am a bulldog. I have epilepsy. I persevere.

Sunday, June 15th 2008. This is the night my life changed forever. After playing at the park, Vegas (just 10 ...
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