From homeless to happiness

Ellie was picked up as a stray. No microchip and no owner stepped forward to claim her so she was ...
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Me & My love(White)

White is a stray dog, Whitw's health is not good, super thin, not fat to eat, but can not check ...
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Sienna and her pet girl

My parents let me pick Sienna out of a litter when I was in high school. When I went away ...
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Oliver & Us

My husband & I decided we wanted an Aussie because of their loyalty, smarts, beauty and personality. Oli was born ...
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Follow me to the ends of the earth

I always ask my dogs, “Will you follow me to the ends of the earth?” I promise them a lifetime ...
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Jasper’s New Begining

Six years ago my mother and I rescued Jasper from a bad situation. He was being abused by a man ...
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The Cat that Created a Cause

Callie was a feral cat; part of the swelling population of unwanted/abandoned animals in my community. Although not my cat, ...
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The Reservation Dog

While we didn’t go to the end of the earth for Cheiss, we did have to pull him from Hades ...
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No One Puts Baby In a Corner.

We didn’t have to go the ends of the earth for Cass, we just had to make a 1000 mi ...
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Special the paralysed kitten who walks!

Special was found as a kitten in abandoned in a box unable to move from neck down.CATSI help to raise ...
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The Story of an Abandoned Cat

Coco a norwegian forest was found abandoned at Jurong East. She was malnourished, dehydrated,very skinny and fur was badly matted.We ...
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To see your face at the end of my day

Life hasn't been easy these past two years. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, my partner's Mom also ...
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