Cookie, Ginger and Kaiser

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Cookie, Ginger and Kaiser
I go to the Ends of the Earth for our three rescue dogs every day! Cookie (black), Ginger (white) and Kaiser (white and brown) are my and my husband’s children and our entire world.

Recently Cookie started screaming in pain when she moved and after two different vets misdiagnosed her, we took her to physiotherapy where she was diagnosed with a muscle injury. She’ll be re-attending physio for the next while to ensure she heals and is strong as ever.

Ginger came to us extremely overweight and we’ve worked very hard to get her to a healthy weight. With every pound lost, she’s gained more energy and her silly little personality blossomed!

Kaiser struggles with what we refer to as “neurotic chihuahua” issues, but we love him to bits. We are helping him become more confident each and every day, and love him no matter what!

These three inspired me to apprentice as a dog trainer and to learn as much as I can about those we call our best friends!

Pet Name: Cookie, Ginger and Kaiser
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