Commitment and Sacrifice…the dog lovers creed.

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Commitment and Sacrifice...the dog lovers creed.
What am I willing to give up for my dog? In 2010 I had to find out the hard way. Through a serious of unfortunate events and economic recession, I ended up permanently laid off from my job, depleted my savings, and lost my home. By the time I needed to move out, I still had not found a job. Those places that would take a chance renting to the unemployed turned me away when I mentioned my 50lb dog. The day came where we had to pack up and leave. Luna got a box for her things and I got a suitcase for mine and that is what we lived out of for the next several months. We slept on the couches of various family and friends most nights as I continued my job search. I had to pass up several jobs because I was unable to find a housing I could afford with my dog. Everyone said to give Luna up, but I couldn’t. I had made a commitment to her and I loved her too much. It was a scary and uncertain time, but no matter where we slept at night, it felt like home as long as Luna and I had each other.

Pet Name: Luna
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Posted By Rebecca Larson

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