Breaking out of confinement…

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Breaking out of confinement...
Received a call from a buddy while I was on reservist informing me that another mutual friend had met an accident. It’s been 4 days since Pretzel was properly cared for and fed. Being a full grown retriever, the lack of nourishment and human attention meant that he was getting all too overly hyped up in a confined space of a hawker stall. Rushed down after booking out and spent the night washing the stall n feeding him. We noticed he was infested with fleas n ticks and thus began the painful and heartbreaking process of getting him better. We spent the next few nights after I booked out of camp and stayed till the wee hours to keep him company. Farewell to him for the night was always heart wrenching. Was nv my dog but we shared an affinity. As my friend was in no capacity to care for him, AVA helped locate its last registered owner and contacted them. Pretzel stayed with my mom in law for the next 2 months and grew stronger. We r just happy he’s healthy n reunited with his true owners

Pet Name: Pretzel
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Posted By Nicholas Lum

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