Black Beauty Onyx

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Black Beauty Onyx
Onyx is lucky enough not to have gone through any torments nor abuse. From young onyx was fed Addiction Raw Dehydrated dog food series; in particular, the Perfect Summer Brushtail.

Growing into a year old now, Onyx never lost her shine on her coat and everywhere she goes, passerby would turn and comment what beautiful lustrous coast she’s got.

A few months back when Perfect summer Brushtail ran out of stock across the island, I checked out all pet supply stores frantically looking for it but none available, I went to the Singapore dog expo and asked the suppliers when was the next shipment but was not given an exact date so I had to change her food series to the fig-licious venison feast her coat, slowly lost her shine.

I searched The ends of the earth for a formula to recreate that perfect food for her coat shine but none worked till the suppliers contacted me via Facebook to tell me it’s been restocked, that torment lasted for 3 months and now my black beauty is back.#AddictionSg

Pet Name: Onyx
Posted By Xavier Kang

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