A stray cat that just walk into my life

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A stray cat that just walk into my life
One day there was a female cat coming into my shop. She is a stray cat, I don’t name it because at first I really don’t thinking of adopt. She came into my shop and asks for water and food, well I saw her so pity then give her somes and since then she stay at the shop as a guard? She like to laidback at the shop, Eventually she is so lazy, she like to take a nap in the middle of the runway with no fear, never disturb her while sleeping or else she will get fierce. The only time that she gets active is during breakfast and dinner. Other then that, you never saw her move a paws. But she still a lady, she doesn’t like others stray cats that pee & poo all over the places, she will settle it outside our shop in the “Longkang”. One day she got pregnant! Don’t realize at first because she ate well, but this give me a headache. kittens are born three in total! I really need Addiction help to start my Fatherhoods? I will try my best to give them new family and mum must neuter. #AddictionMy

Pet Name: no name yet
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Posted By Nong Sheau Cherng

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