A New Career.

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A New Career.
Attila has been a part of my life for just about 4 years. I rescued Attila from our local humane society when he was only 7 weeks old. Before I adopted him, I spent a lot of time researching feline nutrition because I had never had a pet before and I wanted to make sure that he would be living a healthy, long and vibrant life! Attila is a raw food kitty, though we do feed more canned food in the summer and the first cold snap of winter to battle dehydration. His favorite can is the Addiction Rabbit and Blueberry!
Attila gets the best of the best, from toys to treats, to food. I spend more money on my animal’s food than I do on my own, and I’m totally okay with that. I recently had to leave my former career due to an injury, and while thinking of things I am passionate about, I realized pet health and nutrition and Attila were an obvious choice!! I am now working at a local, independent pet health food store where I help other pet parents with their pet health and nutrition concerns!!

Pet Name: Attila
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Posted By Danielle Dackow

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