A Christmas Nightmare

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A Christmas Nightmare
We booked a X-mas trip to Breckenridge with our families including our baby Gus. He was great on the plane, but once we got to the destination we noticed Gus wasn’t eating, however it was a long day and we knew he needed sleep. That night his breathing was a bit off, but nothing too bad. The next morning my nephew wasn’t feeling real well so my Mom ran him to the urgent care thinking he probably had an ear infection. Well, we found out my nephew was struggling to breathe at that altitude and had to be on oxygen. Then it hit me…GUS NEEDED OXYGEN! We rushed him to a pet hospital and they told us we had to get him to lower altitude or he wouldn’t make it. We packed up and rushed him to a hospital in Denver. Two days of intensive care and we got him back Christmas Eve. Our family remained in Breckenridge without us for the entire trip… Thankfully he made a full recovery and we traveled safely home a few days later.

Pet Name: Gus
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Posted By Nicole Cripe

29 Comments on “A Christmas Nightmare

  1. You got my vote, Lil Man, so glad this story had a happy ending.
    Olive, Feebee, and Cooper are your biggest fans (and yours, too, Rosie)

  2. I never knew this could happen. Good thing your dad was quick to think and got you safely to do bet MD you’re all good now

  3. Oh my that must’ve of been so scary for your people Gusser. My lil man Baxter (Yorkie) just spent a night on iv do to pancreatitis. Was sick almost 2 wks thank god I keep him a little plump cuz he lost 2# which is 20% of his weight.

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